Having his job published in the most expressive magazines and national collections, such as: Vogue Nacional, DECOR Year Book, Casa Sul, Lush, Espaço D, Caras Especial, Top View, Vivre, besides several architectural and interior design inserts of the most important newspapers around the country, Lupercio is an autodidact professional.

Interior and set designer, Lupercio has been acting for more than 25 years with residential and commercial projects and now for 8 years has been sharing his talent with the most important corporate events in the south of the country. Graduated in Sociology, gets his inspiration from the colors and in the accumulated knowledge and experience gained from his constant travels abroad – visiting industries and designer´s firms as well as participating in the most important expositions, design and interior fairs from Europe and the USA.

While developing his interior design projects Lupercio adopts the assumption that the project must attend the expectation and the style of each client: “A good project must respect what people aim and consider their ways and costumes”.

When developing corporate projects, Lupercio contextualizes the sets with the culture of the corporations as well as with the concept of the party. “The aesthetics must always be in line with the strategic position of the company or with the identity of the host”.


"I have met Lupercio through his job performed in the apartment of a friend. It was love at first sight. Since then, he has executed the decoration and furnishing of 4 apartments for me, performing brilliantly and always with a very good taste. He really understands the clients desires and plays with the colors as no one else. Besides that, it is impossible not to become friends with such an extraordinary person. This is why I keep saying: I change apartments but never the interior designer."

Danuza Nadal

"Lupercio is known and recognized for his sophisticated and contemporaneous taste, either due to the concepts he impresses in his projects, or due to the materials utilized as the attention to the details he inputs in his creations. In our Casa Cor in Paraná, Lupercio has always been the difference... always performing originally!"

Marina Nessi

"Lupercio´s performance is simply superb. He catches the essence of the client and transforms the spaces in places you always new you wanted but would never be able to execute. It makes no difference if I am at home or in my working place I feel in my own place. "

Caroline Villar